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Over a year ago I created a code editor called ztxt for use in my classes. After a semester of use, I decided to start using ztxt as my main editor. It’s still in beta, but it works really nicely. Here is a short video showing how to get started with it:

To showcase ztxt a little more, I recorded this video showing how to make a localStorage based note program:


9 Responses to “ztxt code editor”

  1. Totemika
    26. March 2013 um 04:48

    Is it possible to collapse some blocks of code?

  2. Totemika
    26. March 2013 um 04:48

    BTW, I like the editor very much :-)

  3. Zevan
    24. March 2014 um 08:47

    no it’s not possible unfortunately.

  4. Boogie
    26. May 2014 um 10:15

    Omg I love it. Why did I not find this earlier. :)
    Well I guees its better practise to do it the hard way at first.
    Anyways, notepad++ goes to the recycling bin 😀

  5. Lucas
    13. February 2015 um 04:35

    Hey! I think it has some bug if you write more than 198 lines of code!

    I just freeze! Is the new version going to solve this?

    Excellent tool!

  6. Zura
    19. March 2015 um 19:19

    Hi Zevan, its really great job! no doubt!!
    do you have a possibility to choose a different file for edit and preview – ex. index.php? if you have a MVC structure and work in controller, result can only seen in index.
    it would be great to update ztxt.

  7. Milber
    6. June 2015 um 05:39


    Great editor, although I haven’t managed to use the z:html or z:any other code to auto create content. Why is that?

    Thank you for your support.

    Keep on the great work!

  8. Zevan
    20. September 2015 um 13:59

    thats odd @Miber. Not sure why what browser are you using – and what OS.

  9. MohammadMehdi
    18. November 2015 um 14:34

    Good job! if you add some hotkey it would be a great one 😉

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