ZTXT 3.2 (coming soon)

I’ve been working on the ZTXT code editor for over two years now and its really come a long way. See the below link for how to install and take a look at this youtube video demoing the prerelease:

(demo video)

(download ide)


(intsallation instructions)



3 Responses to “ZTXT 3.2 (coming soon)”

  1. nnn
    2. August 2014 um 18:34

    add an upload item, like this we can easily upload image to a directory without leaving ztxt.

  2. Tim Basaldua
    31. March 2015 um 10:32

    Dear Zevan,
    I have tried to configure ztxt on my Linux Mint Apache2 server. I’ve had no success. Please show me/us, your adoring fans how to configure ztxt on a Linux platform.

  3. cobweb
    5. September 2015 um 22:24

    I’m learning canvas and Raphael and ZTXT is the perfect editor for this job!

    also thank you for your quality tutorials on canvas and Raphael

    Best Regards

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