jQuerify & Console (Webkit-Inspector)

About a year ago I switched from using firefox as my main browser to chrome. I of course still test things across the board – I may even do a post about cross browser testing somtime. Anyway, I wanted to showcase a useful chrome plugin that I use a good deal called jQuerify. It just adds jQuery to the current page in chrome. This can come in handy when your taking over someone else’s project, or debugging your own. It’s important to note that the webkit-inspector console allows you to write javascript on the fly, so by adding jQuery to the page we can write jQuery code on the fly in-browser.

Here is a video of me messing around with jQuerify. WARNING: it’s a little strange, I just had a few snippets handy and sort of made things up as I went along. If you’re already familiar with jQuerify you can just skip to somewhere around 3:45…

This is the code snippet I used at the end:

$("body").css("background-color", "black"); 
$("a").css("color", "white !important"); 
$("#hplogo").attr("src", "http://jzerr.com/zoogle.gif"); 

I also used the Chrome Color Picker plugin which just wraps the jQuery Color Picker plug-in. I actually made some updates to that jQuery plug-in… maybe I’ll post about that soon…


David pointed out in the commends that jQuirify uses jQuery 1.4.2. So I decided to tweak the extension for chrome, here is how to do it:

1) Install jQuirify
1) go to :

/Users/USER NAME/Library/Application Support/Google/

3) change line 56 of content.js to : script.src=”http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.min.js”;

Now jQuirify will alway use the latest version of jQuery. To make sure that its working you can do this in the console:


At the time of this post you should get back “1.4.4”


2 Responses to “jQuerify & Console (Webkit-Inspector)”

  1. David
    21. January 2011 um 08:58

    nice article on jQuerify. Was going to do one myself this weekend. The only downside of the chrome plugin is it’s 1.4.2 instead of the current stable version of jQuery 1.4.4. I use the bookmarklet I found here, which does the same thing cross browser and should get the latest stable build – http://www.learningjquery.com/2009/04/better-stronger-safer-jquerify-bookmarklet

    killer video showing the fun you can have with it!

  2. Zevan
    21. January 2011 um 09:29

    Thanks. Kind of annoying that it only supports 1.4.2 – maybe I can update it somehow (will look into that). That bookmarklet is cool, I’ll add the link to the post in a little bit.

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