Is jQuery Making Javascript Devs Stupid?

No it isn’t.

It has become a sort of gateway for people who want to do things with javascript but don’t know much about programming. These people ask lots of questions on sites like stackoverflow and surprisingly generous, knowledgable, experienced, programmers answer. I don’t see anything wrong with that… many of these beginners will go on to become good programmers.

There are lots of weird misconceptions about jQuery – but anyone who spends a few hours playing with the library will realize these things aren’t true.

I really like jQuery. It’s one of my favorite libraries – right up there with Box2D, TweenLite, PaperVision and Raphael. It’s saved me hours on commercial projects, provided hours of entertainment and I’ve learned a bunch of interesting stuff from browsing through the source code.

The idea for this post came from a skribit suggestion. Thanks to the person that suggested it.


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