Raphael Tutorials

I recored two new tutorials about the raphaeljs library. Have a look:

and part two:


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  1. Karo
    4. April 2013 um 05:38


    Thanks for the tutorials. They are great!
    It would be lovely if you could add one for your own script ScaleRaphael, as I couldn’t find much information how to use it.

    Thanks Karo

  2. Gnucki
    2. August 2013 um 02:46


    I have just found a bug in one of your nice Raphael script:
    Maybe it is not the last version but this is a good google referenced one.


    You can’t use many different paper with this script.
    You should replace:

    if (Raphael.type == “VML”){
    wrapper.innerHTML = “”;
    nestedWrapper = document.getElementById(“vmlgroup”);
    wrapper.innerHTML = “”;
    nestedWrapper = document.getElementById(“svggroup”);

    with something like that:

    if (Raphael.type == “VML”){
    wrapper.innerHTML = “”;
    nestedWrapper = document.getElementById(container + “-vmlgroup”);
    wrapper.innerHTML = “”;
    nestedWrapper = document.getElementById(container + “-svggroup”);

  3. Dave
    18. February 2014 um 08:55


    I noticed you haven’t done any Raphael tutorials in a while. Would you be able to add a few more to your repository?

    You are an excellent teacher and there are many SVG artists who could learn from your skills.

    I downloaded the ztxt editor and it is amazing. You’ve really done a great job.

    Thank you!

  4. Zevan
    24. March 2014 um 08:46

    Thanks dave. I’m not sure if I’m going to do any more Raphael tutorials or not but I will definitely do more tutorials in the future. I’m glad you like ztxt

  5. Craig
    3. June 2014 um 17:40


    I am a first timer, trying to create an interactive piechart about US Debt. I have gotten a lot out of your 2 Tutorials so far. Thank you!

    It would be great if you can do some more Raphael Tutorials.

    In my own selfish interest, here is an idea. Please see:


    They are using a for in loop. I’m trying to figure out how to apply to the Raphael piechart method, but for the life of me, can’t figure out how to manipulate the sectors and loop through them. Maybe a good idea for Tutorial # 3? :). If you have any quick advice or pointers for how I might figure this out, it would be greatly appreciated.


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